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Chris' running shoe recommendations  
  I have endured injuries and rehabilitations from surgeries that have affected my running. Some of which include compartment syndrome in my calves as well as severely breaking my foot. Good quality running shoes and more importantly, the "right" running shoes anatomically are crucial for being able to perform or even run at all. These are some of the shoes that I use and recommend for running:  
  MizunoŽ WaveŽ Rider 8   MizunoŽ WaveŽ Precision 5    

Favorites of the high-mileage runner seeking a true cushioned trainer who has a small to medium frame with medium to high arches.


Favorites of the high-mileage performance runner seeking cushion and flexibility, who has a small to medium frame and medium to high arches.



The forefoot padded arch system (patent pending)
by Big C Products
  The forefoot padded arch system is designed to provide superior padding at the strike area under the ball of the foot and offers additional arch support. The unique design allows padding and support without compromising critical heel volume of the shoe.  
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